Video Teaching: Developing New Images

My kids will never know the excitement of dropping off a roll of undeveloped film and waiting hours, or even days, in anticipation to see what images were captured. These days, it's all instagram, insta-perfect. The truth, however, is that often the images we portray on the outside have little to do with images we carry as truth on the inside.

Like rolls of developed film, we carry hundreds of images in our consciences about life, relationships, God, others, ourselves ... images of every issue and nuance of life. But what do we do when our images are actually the obstacles to the development of our faith? What if the pictures we have developed about life tether our faith to a place God never intended? Watch this week's video teaching to see how we can identify, and tear down, old images so new ones can be built to help power our faith. 

(This belief cycle graph may be a helpful resource as we study together this week.)