Blog Post: Be Too Expensive

I'm a wordy person. And sometimes all the words that want to come out just cause gridlock somewhere in the communications network of my brain/heart/spirit and I start to sputter like a 1969 VW Bug. (Oh? You didn't have one of those? Trust me. They can sputter.) Eventually, I get my words out, even if my point never gets across.

And so that is where I am today: at the corner of WORD OVERLOAD and sputter. I've been staring at this blinking cursor experiencing a traffic jam of words, stories, lessons, truths, failures, triumphs, questions, hopes, heartaches, and dreams I want to share with you. Where to start? At the beginning? I don't think so.

This is the beginning.

In this corner of this space, I want to share many things, all of which I hope will point to what real life with a real living Jesus looks like. It will be a grab-bag of video lessons (which I recently realized means I'm going to have to shower more), written lessons, stories, musings, looks back and looks ahead. In other words, it will be where I share all of the words. The same words of stories, and lessons, and truths, and failures, and triumphs, and questions, and hopes, and heartaches, and dreams that are currently vying for first place between my heart and the keyboard.

In all of those words, you will learn about me and I will learn about you. Together we will all learn more about Jesus, which is always the best place to start. 

Today, I'll leave you with an observation the Lord is bringing into clear focus for me through the daily interactions I'm crazy fortunate to have with all sorts of women. I'm finding more and more that women are no longer satisfied to "just" be saved. Yes, eternity with Jesus is the ultimate hope; I'm not diminishing that AT ALL. What I'm seeing and hearing is that women are hungry, expectant, and driven to not just know about Jesus, but to experience Him, to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to minister for Him. Women are asking the million dollar questions like, "What do you want me to do, Lord?" and "How am I gifted to serve you?" And the ultimate yearning behind all of the questions is to finally step from being saved to being powerful.

There is a new tenacity building. 

There is a sense of destiny being released. 

There is an insatiable urge to be free. 

And then to be restored. 

And then to be violent for the kingdom and be agents of the God kind of justice. That means not settling for anything but getting back what the enemy has stolen. 

This is the kind of woman who is too expensive for the devil to deal with. That's the kind of woman I'm coming across, even if she doesn't know it yet.  

I know you're there. I see you in your classes, on the sidelines, in the carpool lines. I see you seeking, and learning, and growing and being pressed, and pressing in. I see you in the mirror, too.

So please hear me: your time is now. Seek, hear, do. The creator of heaven and earth, who has parted seas, is going before you and clearing your path. You do your part, He will do His.