WOW! You won't want to miss this!

There is a motivational phrase first coined, I believe, by Michael Jordan that is making a comeback (unlike Michael Jordan):


About eight years ago I was asked by my church to coordinate a large women's event that would ultimately host about 1,000 women from across our area. I was excited to be a part of an event that would bring together women from different churches for the one purpose of worshiping and sitting under the teaching of one of the leading Bible teaching women of our generation. Our church decided to host it because 1) we had the space and 2) we already had all the necessary satellite and technological doo-dads required to tap into the national event.

What we didn't have, I soon found out, was a welcome mat of appreciation from many of the other churches. While a few of the stronger churches in our area were thrilled to come on board and help share this opportunity with the women of their church, many more hung up on me. And I'm not joking.

Fast forward to January of this year. After more experiences of disunity than I can shake a stick at, I found myself at Fellowship Church in Liberty Hill, Texas. I've been there many times before, but this time something was different. The sweetness, the unity, the come-togetherness of the women brought a level of power to the women's conference that had not been so strong before. The woman from the ranch next to the woman from Austin, next to the grandma, next to the teenager, next to the mom with spit-up stains on her shirt. There was a gratefulness to be in the presence of God that overcame denominational differences (and believe me, there were some!). The women who had traveled with me noticed it, too. And in the span of 10 minutes we had a plan and we came home with a mission.

We Are Making It Happen.

I've spent my fair share of time complaining and bemoaning the passive-aggressive sparing that can happen among we women, whether at the soccer fields or the bible study table. I've been guilty, and God please help me because I am as vulnerable as the next. We compare and contrast everything from nail polish to theology. But the truth is this: unity in our community will ultimately rest on us, the women. Why? Because we are the gatekeepers of relationships. We decide where, when, and why we do or do not connect with others. And if we are gut-honest, we often make those choices for the wrong reasons. So let's just do one thing to be a part of the solution. ONE THING.

WOW! A One Thing.

I am beyond excited to share with you that Beautiful Truth Ministries, with the support of many leading and influential women from across our area, is launching a new monthly, community women's event called WOW: Women of the Word. Hooray!

WOW is a community-based event designed to bring together women from across the theological fabric of the Christian faith for fellowship, worship, and messages from the Word of God. It's not about a church, it is about THE CHURCH. It isn't about our differences in theology, but about our shared belief in JESUS.

We have a vision to create an opportunity of worship and the delivery of the Word of God in a place and setting where any real or perceived walls of division will not hinder the ministry of the Lord.

While I will be a regular teacher at WOW, we will also be bringing in area women to teach, lead worship and share with us what God is sharing with them. We are blessed to swim among a deep well of Christian women who have been given invaluable insight from God into His Word, His purposes, and His plans for us in these seasons of the Kingdom. I want to hear from them and I know you do, too!

Oh, and here is the game changer: WOW is being held at the brand new and incomparable Southwind Hills Barn and Estates in Washington, Okla., just 10 minutes outside of Norman. It is a stunning venue with incredible charm and amazing views of our beautiful Oklahoma countryside. From their expansive patio, you can see the OU campus. Come for the venue, stay for the presence of God!

Doors will open at 6:30. A coffee bar and light refreshments will be available. Invite your friends and come expecting a fresh Word from God to propel you to your next level with Him!

Doors will open at 6:30. A coffee bar and light refreshments will be available. Invite your friends and come expecting a fresh Word from God to propel you to your next level with Him!

I can't wait to see what God has planned ... I am confident it is more than we've imagined!