WOW! Wait ... What?

Do you know the feeling you have when you’ve been anticipating an event or the launch of a new project and then in the blink of an eye it has come and gone? That’s pretty much how we have felt about the first WOW (Women of the Word) event held in April. And now here we are just one week from the May WOW.


The April WOW event was more than we hoped (God's awesome that way!). We were blown away by the attendance, the presence of God and the excitement for the launch of this new endeavor. You have been talking about it and sharing your experiences and we couldn’t be more grateful for the faithfulness of God. Along with the excitement, naturally, also come questions about WOW and what we hope to accomplish through it. In a nutshell, we want what God wants. But since we know you may want to know a little more clarity about what we think that is, below are a few points we hope will give additional shape to the heart behind WOW.

  • WOW is not a replacement for your weekly Bible study. The community and fellowship of your weekly Bible study group is invaluable to your walk with Christ. Your church needs you planted and growing daily and weekly through the fellowship opportunities available to you. If you are not currently in a weekly Bible study, we will be compiling a list of available and ongoing studies from across our community for you to choose from. We will be working on this over the summer months and will share a catalog of opportunities at our August event timed as new groups begin to launch in the Fall.
  • WOW is not a Bible study where a theme is built upon from week-to-week. Each month, the event, the worship and the message are stand-alone experiences. What this means for you is that when you miss a month, you are not “behind”. Each event is its own event with a fresh Word from the Lord. Additionally, we record each message, so technically you never have to miss!
  • ·Most importantly, and we cannot stress this enough, WOW is not intended to scatter women, but to gather women. At the very heart of WOW is the desire to offer regular opportunities for women to come together to share in the goodness of the Lord evident in so many ways through our churches, small groups, and other worship experiences. First Corinthians 2:16 says “we have the mind of Christ.” That “we” means that collectively, together as the Body of Christ, we comprise the mind of Christ. When we come together, it is the Body bringing together the wholeness of the mind of Christ, so that we can feed and share on the revelation being shared for different purposes to different people. We need what each other has!

As women, we are the relational gatekeepers of our homes. We decide who, when, where, why, and for how long. As the gatekeepers of relationships, we can make choices to unite or divide. Through WOW, we want to provide a place where we can unite. As women unite, it has the potential to usher in greater degrees of unity at all levels. I think we all agree that unity among believers is a key element to revival. And, to be clear, unity doesn’t mean we don’t have any differences, but it does mean we come together and rally around what we do have in common: Jesus.

Ultimately, we are determined to keep our feet rooted to the path of righteousness and to believe as His sheep that we hear the voice of the Shepherd, Jesus. We seek to do His will. As greater revelation is given, we are purposed to walk in it. As for today, we believe we are in obedience to offer the invitation. We pray you say, “YES!”