WOW: January Adjustments

This month only: a venue change for wow! 


Hello, friends! We are looking forward to an incredible night of worship and teaching at our next Women of the Word (WOW) event on January 19. We are excited to kick off 2015 by hosting Cindy Jacobs, a leading voice in prayer and prophecy, and are excited to learn more about both of those topics. We believe this is an appointed time by God for the women of our area and we can't wait to share this evening with you. 

In late December we began to walk through a change in our worship leader for this month, and that change has prompted a location change for this event. While there isn't space here to tell the story, God used the lovely Jenifer Salter, originally scheduled, to point us in the direction of His plan for this evening. Jenifer, who lives in Colorado, felt strongly the Lord was desiring someone local to lead worship for this event. We are swimming in a deep well of anointed worship leaders in our area, so seeking God on who He planned for this night became even more important. We are so grateful to Kristy Starling, worship pastor at Victory Family Church in Norman, for graciously accepting an eleventh-hour invitation to lead worship for us this month. It is so encouraging to walk through life with women high in anointing and low in pride! Both women are seeking obedience to the Lord for His greater purposes. 

So why the location change? Because we lobbed such a large and late request at Kristy, she was unable to clear her schedule at the church which required her presence in a manner and time-frame which would make it very difficult for her to participate in WOW. In response, she and her husband (and Victory Family Lead Pastor), Adam, graciously offered the use of their church to Beautiful Truth Ministries (BTM) for the event. This simple change paves the way for Kristy to participate, and it also opens up the January event to more women. We have women on lists waiting to see if there is room ... now there is! It also provides us with an easy-to-find and accessible location for the hundreds of women coming. 

We did not make this decision lightly. Our concern about the move for this event was two-fold. First, it is a last-minute change and we don't want to create any confusion. If someone shows up at Southwind Hills and we are not there, well, let's just say that would not be cool. (But we will be back there in February!) Secondly, one of the core values of WOW is to usher in unity. We deliberately choose to have the events at a location not affiliated with a local church. We are specific about bringing in worship leaders and teachers from across the community so our wagon is not hitched with any one church. We do not want this adjustment, which arose as a solution to a problem, to in any way cause a chip in this core mission. We do not want to bring offense of any kind!

Ultimately, we know women who are hungry for God will go where they need to be! We appreciate Victory Family supporting Beautiful Truth Ministries and WOW. They are graciously throwing open their doors for us and allowing us to come and and take over their beautiful space in order to create an encounter with God for YOU. 

Mark you calendars for Monday, February 16 for the following WOW event back at Southwind Hills Barn and Estates!