The problem. The plan. The shifting tide.

This is a good news (!), bummer news (!), we’ve got a new plan (!) update to our first Sister-to Sister campaign.

A few short weeks ago we answered the call from larger organizations and ministries to mobilize efforts in our area of influence to help meet the needs created by the burgeoning Syrian refugee crisis. And you all, in turn, responded with an overwhelming YES AND AMEN and donated supplies and gave your time and resources. That is good news!

The bummer news is that the crisis is ongoing and very fluid. The needs are changing rapidly. What was needed last week has been so overwhelmingly responded to that organizations are quickly moving from asking for one item (clothes, for example) to asking for another (sleeping bags, for example). By the time we started asking for one list of items and received them, they were no longer being accepted. So then we responded by asking for coats, only to be told the day after we gathered them that they are no longer being accepted.

Here is what we want to do: be a community of Sisters in Christ who help other sisters. You have done that! Here is what we don’t’ want to do: misuse your heart to help! We have a an amazing collection of donated items with no aid agencies serving the Syrian crisis now willing to accept them. What the organizations, like Samaritan’s Purse, really want are cash donations. Cash donations allow them to respond quickly and efficiently to the changing immediate needs evolving in the midst of the crisis.

Faced with the generosity of so many of you, we want to be excellent stewards of your gifts. We are doing our best to respond the the changes by making two decisions:

  1. We are making a cash donation from Beautiful Truth Ministries to Samaritan’s Purse. This donation reflects the generosity of every single one of you who gave to this cause.
  2. We are locally donating the many items you brought to WOW. We are praying over each donation and believe each person who receives a much needed coat or pair of shoes will be the exact person God originally intended to bless.

Thank you for trusting us and understanding that our motive – and yours – was and is to be the hands of feet of Jesus in tangible ways that minister to the right-now needs of those near and far. We will continue to pray about ways for the Sister-to-Sister initiative to be used to respond to needs in our local community and our global community. We will practice our call to service and make progress as we do!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have further questions about the items donated and how we will be distributing them!