We Can Help: Sister-to-Sister

"More than 12 million families fleeing for their lives. That's like every single person in the city of Houston, every man, woman & child in city of Chicago, every human being up & down every street in the city of Philadelphia, every house evacuated in San Antonio, all of San Diego vacated, the entire city of Dallas, every single man, woman and child in Phoenix -- 7 of the most populated cities in America -- all fleeing for their lives. No one runs from home unless that home has become a mouth of horror. Families are fleeing not to simply better their lives, but to literally save their lives." (source: www.aholyexperience.com) 

I can't pretend to understand the political, religious, economical, or cultural forces behind the chaos in the Middle East. I can't get my head around the evil that is ISIS, the insurgences in Syria or the mass exodus of people they both are propelling. What must it be like to feel so threatened in your own home, neighborhood, community, that you would leave with only what you can carry and begin to WALK your family away from all they have ever known into a future with nothing known? Not even where you will sleep that night. 

                                   Daniel Etter/The New York Times

                                   Daniel Etter/The New York Times

I don't understand all the overarching issues or even how they are converging in such chaos. But I do understand that there are women like me, with kids like mine, desperately seeking safety for their families. Women willing to leave behind the comforts of their homes and the routines of their days and the conveniences of oh, you know, a kitchen, a bath tub and a closet full of clothes, to search for refuge. Husbands and fathers extracting their families at all costs. 

I may not understand all the facts. but I do understand my call. Your call, too. 

I realize you and I are not likely to hop a plane to Germany or Egypt to physically aid the refugees. But what we can do is help those who are helping. We can help by providing much needed supplies and resources.  

Beautiful Truth Ministries is launching a new initiative called SISTER-TO-SISTER. One woman to another, we can help. Mom to mom, daughter to daughter, friend to friend. If it were me, if it were you, what hope would it give to know somewhere, someone knew what was happening and was doing their part? We can no longer say we didn't know.

First, set your phone alarm for noon everyday to PRAY for the safety, protection and provision of the refugees and the women and girls under constant threat of abduction and rape by ISIS. Prayer changes everything. 

Second, join us in gathering supplies being sought by numerous relief organizations. We are partnering with several to channel what together we can gather to assist in the efforts to care for the hurting families displaced by terror. 

You don't have to do everything. You just have to do your one thing.

Beginning at the September 28 WOW event, we will be collecting the following items:

  • blankets
  • sun hats/caps (all sizes in light colors)
  • underwear & socks (all sizes)
  • sweatpants (all sizes)*
  • men's trousers in small, medium & large*
  • sneakers & gym shoes in all sizes*
  • mats, sleeping bags
  • diapers
  • feminine products

This is an easy and practical way for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to an entire population of hurting people. Please join Beautiful Truth Ministries as we share the love of Christ, SISTER-TO-SISTER

For more information about the Syrian refugee crisis, why it is happening, and how we can help, please see visit Ann Voskamp's thorough article here.