The Power of Communion: More Than A Ritual

My earliest memories of communion as a girl in traditional Southern Baptist and Christian churches was that it was special. So special, in fact, that you couldn't take it, look at it, or touch the tray as it passed (I exaggerate) unless you were saved. And baptized. 

If you missed church because you were sick, someone was listed on the back of the program to take your communion to you. Communion house calls! Of all the things important about the church service to share with those ill in homes and hospitals was the communion. It wasn't the message or the special music. Strategy, oversight, or something more? I never remember hearing a message about communion outside of the traditional Scripture readings when communion was taken during church services. Yet I always approached it with honor, if not a bit of confusion.

As my journey with Jesus progressed, so did my curiosity about the whys behind the whats of communion. The culmination of that curiosity to date is this teaching. Be encouraged that the Lord designed communion to be another tool in your worship and spiritual warfare arsenal. You don't need a pastor, elder, deacon or layman to give you communion. Jesus gave you communion. Understand it and receive it! 

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