Isaiah 40: The God Who Comforts

In this 4-week series taught at Women of the Word, we are diving deep into the God of Comfort we find in Isaiah 40.

In this first lesson from Women of the Word on Isaiah 40, we look at the events leading up to Isaiah 40. Hezekiah was a king known for restoring worship an honor to God among the people of Judah. But he was also just like us: he was on his face in obedience one day and living in pride the next.

Orchards of Darkness: How the Fruit of the Spirit Disarms Darkness

In this 6-week series we dive into Galatians 5 to discover how the Fruit of the Spirit is not a just an element of Scripture meant for nice women’s Bible studies, but a powerful tool of growth and spiritual warfare every believer has at his or her disposal.

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In this first lesson from our six-week series on the Fruit of the Spirit, Amy shares the backdrop of Galatians and the specific challenges the Apostle Paul lays out to the believers in Galatia as he encourages them to stand firm in their liberty.
Orchards of Power | Week 2 Join us in this lesson as Amy shares the elements of the Fruit of the Spirit: a seed, the Holy Spirit, and our participation. The Fruit of the Spirit is the character of God which is supernaturally produced in us as we invest the seed of the Holy Spirit by walking with and submitting to the Holy Spirit.
Week Three of Orchards of Power dives in to the fruit of Love and Self-Control. The Fruit of the Spirit is more powerful than anything that seeks to counterfeit it!
In week four of Orchards of Power we take a dive into the fruit of Peace and Patience. Learn what drives these characteristics of God and how to cultivate them in your own life.
In week five of Orchards of Power we look at the powerful root meanings of Kindness, Goodness, and Gentleness. The Fruit of the Spirit pushes back darkness!
In our final week, we discover that joy unspeakable is available to us despite our circumstances, and that faithfulness grows as we experience the believability of God!

Foundations of Freedom: A Teaching Series

This six-week teaching series takes the believer on a journey to the Cross, for an examination of the Cross, and a look at life after the Cross. In it, we discover how the fulfillment of the law paves the way for the New Testament believer to walk with authority and power. 

WOW (Women of the Word) Messages

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Teaching Series

Beautiful Truth


Christian women across the globe are finding themselves in an identity crisis, believing in Jesus but not experiencing any real power or victory in our lives. From our life experiences we develop images of ourselves we expose day after day. Too often, the image we reflect is not who God designed us to be. In order to close the gap between how we are and who we are, we must first learn what it means to be in Christ, living a life lead by his Spirit.

In this series, we will uncover the truth of who we are in Christ, exposing the lies the world has conditioned us to believe. By taking an intentional look at how our belief cycle is developed, we will learn how to identify the truth from the lies and uncover our ability to walk with the same power, purpose and influence of Jesus Christ. Come along and discover the beautiful truth!

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100 Percent (Super)Natural


Loving our enemies? Joy in trials? Patience in traffic? The fruit of the Spirit is super, but it certainly isn’t natural. Without the presence of – and dependence on – the Holy Spirit, then love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control will all just depend on the outward experiences of our day, circumstances, or even the people in our lives. But the presence of fruit of the Spirit is an inward, supernatural experience which flows from an intentional decision of trust instead of a response to the things outside of our control. 

Come along on this journey to dig deep into the soil of supernatural fruit. Discover what each fruit really means (you might be surprised!) and learn how love and self-control are really the bookends which hold the rest in place.

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Legacy: Will You Leave What You’ve Received?


From the way we walk, talk, look, and act, we inherit various traits from those who have come before us. Many of the themes which run through our family lines are beautiful threads of a larger tapestry. However, there may also be threads which fray at the edges of our family’s fabric: threads such as anger, addiction, or sickness which chip away at the beautiful life God has crafted for us.

In this six-week series, we will learn how the good, the bad, and the ugly can get stored up in our family trees. More importantly,, we will learn to use the tools and powers God has given us to pass on and store up a legacy of mercy, grace, and blessings for generations to come.

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Do you ever wonder if there should be more to your Christian life? Do you sense there is something inside of you that is waiting to be released so you can do your part to advance the Kingdom of God? The truth is you may not be able to be anything you want to be, but you can be everything God has designed you to be. Every Christian is gifted by the grace of God to serve others. Unwrapping the gifts God has bestowed in you will unlock your God-given potential and uncover your kingdom purpose.

In this eight-week study, you will discover and learn to develop the spiritual gifts God has deposited inside of you. When you tap into the truths about your unique design, you will realize you are God’s masterpiece created to have a lasting, meaningful, and supernatural impact on the world around you. YOU are God’s chosen one, a gift He has created to share with the world, so join me as we learn to live an unwrapped life!

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Gracefully His


Grace is more than just a word or a pleasant demeanor. Grace is power, grace is purpose, and grace is the very person of Jesus. Grace isn’t just what happened at the cross, but what is destined to happen in your life after the cross. Through Christ, grace is the equipping force that empowers you to be everything God has designed and destined you to become.

Through this 10-lesson study, you will examine God’s Word closely to reveal the astonishing beauty of His plan of redemption through grace. By studying the Old Testament offerings as the foreshadowing of Christ, you will discover how the Lord transforms prophecy into reality. We will define words such as favor, righteousness, redemption, and repentance and place them in their biblical context to reveal the reality of Jesus. Together, we will learn to receive grace in order to experience its mighty power. Although each one of us is humanly imperfect, we are all gracefully His!

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