WOW: Women of the Word


WOW is a movement of women rooted in Oklahoma and spreading out across virtual spaces. Our monthly gatherings are free of charge. You are invited to join us for fellowship, worship, and to learn the beautiful truth from the Word of God. WOW meets at Summit Church-Norman, located at 616 Bud Wilkerson Drive SW.

Childcare is available!


Why It Matters

There is a motivational phrase first coined by Michael Jordan that is making a comeback: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I've spent my fair share of time complaining and bemoaning the passive-aggressive sparing which can happen among we women, whether at the soccer fields or the bible study table. I've been guilty, and God please help me because I am as vulnerable as the next. We compare and contrast everything from nail polish to theology, all the while feeling the longing to connect but only fertilizing the dissatisfaction bred through the hundreds of little separations comparison produces.

We cry out for revival. But cringe when pushed past our comfort zones. We sound the rally cries to "take this city!" but don't have enough water bottles to meet the thirsty needs. We label ourselves and each other with internal measuring sticks telling us which is better, and find temporary solace or another stab of not enough again depending on where we land in the fray. But still we wonder what if? 

What if our differences do matter but they matter in all of the ways that really make a difference. 

First Corinthians 2:16 tells us we have the mind of Christ. WE have the mind of Christ. I carry an expression of the mind of Christ. You carry an expression of the mind of Christ. Your friends each carry an expression of the mind of Christ. It is when we all come together that we collectively have the full mind of Christ. That matters.

The churches in our community each carry an expression of the mind of Christ. While one church may express evangelism to new believers, another is an expression of healing. One church may be called to be a teaching church, while another is an equipping church. One church honors the timeless traditions of worship while another leads the way in a modern culture of worship. No one church is the full expression of the mind of Christ, but each one faithfully carries out the expression God has called it to. As a whole, the churches in our community paint a larger picture of who God is.

Ezekiel was a prophet and a priest who had the thankless job of ministering to the Israelites in Babylonian captivity. In one of his last visions he sees the temple and the 12 gates surrounding it. He told the Israelites that at the right time they are to go in one gate but leave through another. In other words, don’t keep coming in and out of the place you already know. Are you willing to enter a new gate with what you know as a resource for someone else, and leave through another gate willing to find a revelation of God you didn't already have? 

You may attend a church like one of the ones mentioned above. That is your gate. But when you need another gate opened by another church, there should be freedom for you to walk through it. For a day, for a season, for whatever or however long. We should be going in and out of each other’s gates of wisdom, revelation, giftings and anointing. It's not about where your tithe check is written, it is about the Body of Christ moving among its own parts to meet and fulfill the needs of others, as well as our own.

We are making it happen. And we need your help.

What does this have to do with you, woman of God? The forerunners of unity in our community are the women. Why? Because we are the gatekeepers of relationships. We decide who, where, when, and why we do or do not connect with others. And if we are gut-honest, we often make those choices for the wrong reasons. So let's just do one thing to be a part of the solution. ONE THING.

WOW is a one thing.

WOW is a community-based event designed to bring together women from across the theological fabric of the Christian faith for fellowship, worship, and messages from the Word of God. It's not about a church, it is about THE CHURCH. It isn't about our debatable differences in theology, but about our shared belief in JESUS.

We have a vision to create an opportunity of worship and the delivery of the Word of God in a place and setting where any real or perceived walls of division will not hinder the ministry of the Lord.

WOW meets on the third Monday of every month at Summit Church-Norman from 7 to 9 p.m. We worship, we learn, we pray, we believe in the power of God to unite us in ways we never thought possible, so that He can move in the impossible. It is a free event and no registration is necessary. We invite you to come as you are, and pray through the ministry of Jesus, you will never leave the same.

Gather your friends, your sisters, your mothers, your aunts, your neighbors, your pastor's wife, your Bible study teacher, and join us as we obediently follow God and usher unity into our community.

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